Baby naming ceremony and Welcoming

Gender Reveal


We are able to prepare your Gender Reveal party. This means that no one in your family or friends  circle will know  your child's gender before the big reveal.   

Baby Naming


The arrival of a new baby into out lives is one of the most exciting things to happen in our family units.  

If a traditional religious ceremony does not  fit with your family,  why not celebrate this occasion with a Naming Day?  

You can give family and friends the chance to become guiding parents and ask them pledge promises to your child as part of your child's special day. 

Naming Ceremonies are becoming a popular alternative for 1st Birthday parties and can be must be booked at least 6 weeks in advance.

Please note that for every Baby Naming Ceremony that we conduct a donation is given to the Child Funeral Charity.

Welcoming Ceremonies


Have you recently adopted or have blended your two families?  These personalised ceremonies are a beautiful way to celebrate your new family member with your friends and existing family.

We we include a Blending Ceremony (such as Sand or Canvas ceremony) with a family keepsake as part of  our Naming Ceremony. These Ceremonies are fully personalised and we cannot take bookings with less than 6 weeks notice.